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No home calamity is rather as frustrating as when a hot water heater is leaking. When the storage tank on a Cypress TX water heater springs a leak, it can be a huge mess to take care of. For those that don’t have an automated shut-off valve on the water heater, it will continue to take water into the tank, until the main water line entering the tank is switched off. naturally, none of that water can be properly heated, since it’s all leaking out right into your basement or utility room!

What Is a Cypress Water Heater Expansion Tank?Cypress Water Heater Expansion Tank

Like the majority of substances, water expands when it is heated. A traditional water heater has to heat up water a number of times a day, because hot water is normally used much in a full household numerous times during a 1 Day duration. It is simple to take for granted the amount of water that gets made use of when every person in a family takes a bath, with cooking and washing the pots and pans, and with using the washing machine. Whenever the warm water in the storage tank is diminished, it will be filled up. That means that cold water gets brought in and heated up to the pre-set temperature level (usually around 120-140 degrees).

The problem, after that, is with thermal expansion. When the heated water expands, it enhances the pressure within the tank. Previously, when the pressure in the storage tank built up it would merely pass a little of the water back to the public water main and out of the house, thus relieving the extra pressure. But this method will not still work everywhere anymore due to the fact that a lot of public water mains have check valves that don’t permit water to turn around. This prevents backflow catastrophes in a house, but puts extra stress on a water heater’s tank. This is why many areas are suggesting for a water heater expansion tank to be utilized.

A water heater expansion tank is an external tank that is attached to the water heater. When extra pressure develops inside the storage tank of the water heater, the expansion tank allows the pressed water and air to escape,substantially minimizing the pressure on the water heater itself. This process also boosts the overall lifespan of the heater as well.

Water heater expansion tanks are required for storage tank installation in many locations these days. Some producers will invalidate the warranty on a heater if it is not attached. So check out having a water heater expansion tank installation from us. It is a great safety add on to possess on any water heater, and one that has great life-extending abilities.